Etik 4.30B

Etik: the label editor – Etik 4.30B, new features

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Etik release 4.30B, compared to the previous 4.20P, introduces following features:
• SH 3″ model included
• Bi-dimenisonal QR-Code included
• Bi-dimenisonal PDF417 included
• Bitmapped TTF fonts can be resized by mouse drag, base/height independent
• Improved fields ID appearanced
• Additional fonts identification marked included in printer status window
• Cutter/stacker driving of TEX printer models included
• Variable fields selection for Moba Eggs grading systems included
• Minor bugs corrections

Etik features not available in the Light version:
• LOG file of printed variable data
• Logos printing
• Support for printing using TTF and additional fonts
• Support for printing using software and printer counters
• Support for real time clock (RTC) and PC time/date printing
• Additional fonts
• Multi-printers support
• IOTest files (*.iod) definitions support
• SSCC support
• Rs485 addresses >3 support through DDE

Download Etik Light release, click Download