Etik 4.20I

Etik: the label editor – Etik 4.20K, new features

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Etik release 4.20K introduces following features:
• Software license is now distributable without the use of a USB dongle
• Download procedure for customizable additional fonts have been improved
• TCP/IP communication mode is now available for Light version too
• Driving of new printers functionalities have been included:
1) Label split point, the label can be peeled-off and completely printed
2) Delay parameter after Start Print signal
3) New formats for expiring dates with printer internal RTC
4) Rs232 or Rs422 serial communication mode selection
5) Dispatch of execution control characters on communication lines

Etik features not available in the Light version:
• Logos printing
• Support for printing using TTF and additional fonts
• Support for printing using software and printer counters
• Support for real time clock (RTC) and PC time/date printing
• Additional fonts
• Multi-printers support
• IOTest files (*.iod) definitions support
• SSCC support
• Rs485 addresses >3 support through DDE