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Textile Market
For Textile market, Italora designs and manufactures a range of thermal transfer printers meant for high printing volume and harsh industrial environment. Italora TEX systems are aimed at the application of apparel and textile industries.
Designed for printing stone wash ribbon on fabric, as well as on satin, silk and polyester. TEX systems are equipped with a special anti-static device, to avoid damage due to static charges formed by fabric printing and cutting. This ensures maximum printhead life. TEX systems are available with "Mechanical Cutter and Stacker" device.

Witty 3001 Tex: Desk Top version for printing on single side, strong aluminium frame and compact size, equipped with a heavy duty rotary knife cutter with adjustable cutting length. Also available with "Mechanical Cutter and Stacker" device.

TX 2": Desk Top and On-Line version, for both two-sided or one-sided printing, strong aluminum frame, printhead pressure device extremely easy to adjust. Also available with "Mechanical Cutter and Stacker" device.

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