Category: Dispenser

Dispenser: automatic labellers for pre-printed labels. The full electronic control, with its multicolor LCD display and 10 jeys keyboard, allows to manage all labelling parameters, i.e.: gap adjustment, dispensing speed, labelling delay, end of roll alarm, etc.

Italora Dispensers are compact sized, low cost and easy to use labellers for pre-printed labels, designed to be easily mounted on packaging machines. Are made of machined aluminium and stainless steel for harsh industrial environment applications.

The base configuration of the electronic control unit comes with 3 I/O opto-coupled ports for connecting to external devices and it is also available in a configuration with encoder for packaging line synchronization.

As an option it can be equipped of an expanded interface I/O board with 16 Input and 16 Output digital opto-coupled signals with internal 24 Vdc power supply for interfacing an applicator system. The automatic label application cycle can be fully customized, starting from a default, according to the needs of the production line in which the print-apply device is installed; it is possible to freely change the driving of the 16 input channels and 16 output channels through a simple programming language in text format.

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