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Request form for contacts and information:

Contact form Italora Srl

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How to contact Italora SRL: In the following form it is possible to write to Italora srl, through this official website, for general information, administrative, useful info, requests for telephone contact or by email, information about the technical specifications of the products and much more.
We will try to answer your requests in the shortest time possible.
We ask you to expose the requests by providing as much information as possible, so that you can offer a concrete and exhaustive help.
You can request to be contacted by phone (specifying your preferred time).

Request form for product customization:

Italora Srl Product Customization Module

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I Italora srl’s products can be customized on requests and modified according to the specifications indicated by the customer.
You can request product customizations by writing through this form, indicating as much information as possible, so that we will be able to provide a correct and accurate answer.
You can ask for the email address of our technical department and the name of the manager, so that you can write directly and make contact directly.
You can request to be contacted by phone (specifying any preferred time).

E-mail address Italora Srl

You can write directly to the following email address, dedicated to contacts from the web