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Food Market
Italora Srl offers a range of specific printers for food sector, stand alone printers that turn approved scales into price lookup printing systems, simply connect the scale to produce fixed or variable weight/price labels. Composed barcode EAN 13 (price to pay or weight or fixed digits). Italora also produces specific printers for the meat industry, including the following fields:"Born in", "Fattened in", "Slaughtered", "Cutting in",Useful for the product traceability.

Printers with a specific powerful firmware dedicated to product traceability (either for fixed or variable weight), which enables to meet both the existing and the forthcoming compulsory and non-compulsory labelling requirements. 2000 KM printers have two serial ports for connecting to scale and to mainframe or PC, detailed data of every operation are sent by the printer to the computer for storing.

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