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OEM Printers
Italora S.r.l. offers a complete line of OEM industrial printers for Print & Apply systems: versatile handling integrated peeling and rewinding mechanism, heavy duty applications, high performance, flexible print capability, full graphic, capability, flexible and easy operation, simple Software programming, durability and reliability.

Italora OEM printers are thermal transfer industrial label printers, their compact design makes them very suitable for installations in automatic packaging lines. The electronic control unit, equipped with a multicolor LCD display and 10 keys keyboard, is fully programmable; it allows an easy label management and simple interfacing with the main machinery.

The printing unit is built on robust structure of single aluminum plate and they are suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.

The base configuration of the electronic unit provides for 3 I/O optocoupled ports for external signals interfacing; a configuration with encoder is also available for packaging line synchronization.

The expanded configuration has 16 input and 16 output additional signals that implements control functions for print-apply systems. The automatic label application cycle can be fully customized, starting from a default, according to the needs of the production line in which the print-apply device is installed; it is possible to freely change the driving of the 16 input channels and 16 output channels through a simple programming language in text format.

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