Etik 3.70B

Etik: the label editor – Etik 3.70B, new features

With Etik release 3.70B following features have been included compared to previous 3.60E release:

Preferences (Edit menu – Preferences) has been included for:
• number of copies command output when Keypad listings are prepared
• creation of comments of the printing commands in the output listing
• opening of a single document (file ETK) at a time

Using the option “opening of a single document” in combination with the option “Use printer model saved with label” (in the “Printer Setup” menu) is avoided to the customer to make confusion in the case in which it must send printing of different labels to different printers

Additional Fonts:
• in the setup window of additional fonts multiple selection has been enabled
• in the setup window of additional fonts a new option for fonts format has been included for firmware release =J2.10

File Transmission:
A stop transmission button has been added

Label Download:
In “file” menu it has been added an option to download to printer just active label and not all opened labels

UCC/EAN128 Barcode

UCC/EAN 128:
special barcode editing features have been added to draw barcodes as per UCC/EAN specifications

Keypad MK1 and MK2 driver options have been included, serial ports hav been extended from COM1 to COM8 and USB

Label Settings:
Selection of the type of support to print has been modified (label, continuous paper, label with black mark, ticket)

Compared to Etik with hardware key Etik Light does not have:
• Logo printing
• TTF fonts text printing
• Internal counters printing
• Software counters printing
• RTC printing
• PC time/date printing
• Additional fonts
• Multi-printers support
• IOTest files (*.iod) definitions support
• SSCC support
• TCP/IP communication
• File transmission
• Rs485 addresses >3 support through DDE