Etik 3.71B

Etik: the label editor – Etik 3.71B, new features

With Etik release 3.71B following features have been included compared to previous 3.70F release:

(Etik Setup) Configure menu item has been included with:
• Default user defined folders
• Preferences
• Language selection

Language (Configure – Language menu):
Dynamic language selection has been included

Additional Fonts:
• Up to 112 additional fonts may be used
• ISO Character sets control has been included

Serial Communication Terminal:
A serial communication terminal has been included

Device Driving:
Capability to reload and save Keypad contents and applicator cycle of OEM printers has been added

• Following features have been groupped in Tools menu:
• Firmware and fonts upgrade
• Additional fonts download
• File transmission
• Serial communication terminal
• I/O signals test
• Applicator cycle reload

Objects Selection:
Graphical objects selection mode has been improved

Compared to Etik with hardware key, Etik Light does not have:
• Logo printing
• TTF fonts text printing
• Internal counters printing
• Software counters printing
• RTC printing
• PC time/date printing
• Additional fonts
• Multi-printers support
• IOTest files (*.iod) definitions support
• SSCC support
• TCP/IP communication
• Rs485 addresses >3 support through DDE

Download Etik Light release, click Download